Founder & General Manager

Mohammed Shaheen

Founder & General Manager

Mr. Mohamed Shaheen with his experience in this sector leads this company as the General Manager. Mr. Shaheen has 30 years of experience working with major companies in the technology industry in Saudi Arabia.

His career from programmer to CEO of Arkan, a major telecom organization until 2017. Mr. Shaheen managed to restructure the company to become a preferred volume sales partner for Mobily (consumer segment).

As CEO, he successfully led the transformation of Arkan's financial position from a significant loss to outstanding profitability with an increase in annual revenue from less than 2 million Saudi riyals (2013) to 20 million Saudi riyals (2015). Mr. Shaheen also managed the huge remote work project in conjunction with the direct sponsorship of the Saudi Ministry of Labor (150 million Saudi riyals), teleworking is a national initiative to employ and enable Saudi women to work from home.

He led the initiative from inception, proposal, formalization and contracting to successful implementation and provisioning. Between 2007 and 2014, he managed the STC Media Voice Gateway Program (Radio On Demand) including Voice Voice Gateway - Civil Aviation Gateway - DA Services Projects (100+ million SAR).

With a successful and diversified background spanning from technical disciplines, sales management, operations management, service delivery, project management and developing business disciplines, Mr. Mohamed continues to lead with a proven track record of business transformations, regaining market share, as well as establishing new business start-ups.