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Consulting Services

At GAF International, we always work to satisfy our clients, so we established this department dedicated to technical consultations with all systems related to the company’s field. From here, we can also visualize the system that the customer needs. We are also able to develop an accurate specification for all your needs through our professional engineers team.

Installation Services

Installation services are one of the most important services that GAF International provides to its clients, as it is carried out by a team of highly experienced engineers, and this team is responsible for delivering the project in a proper manner and with professional installation methods that satisfy the customer and take into account the rules of industrial security inside inside our client’s facility.

Integration Services

The need to connect all security systems has become an absolute necessity to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the security system within the facility in general. It is possible to link the systems to follow up all the events inside the facility in detail and to obtain reports that help in increasing the efficiency of the system.
With the advancement of technology, the possibility of connecting systems has become available for the smallest companies and even for homes that are established in a modern style, and this is what GAF International always seeks to make life easier and safer by using the latest global technology.

Warranty Services

GAF International provides the highest level of warranty services, as we highly appreciate the customer's keenness to obtain an integrated system through which they avoid any problems or disruption of their work path. Therefore, we provide warranty service on all systems activated by our company, durations vary between system , and action is taken immediately upon Report of any complaint or sudden malfunction and it is dealt with according to the terms of the warranty period.

Training Services

GAF International provides an integrated training service on all the system it provides. We provide sufficient, appropriate and relevant training to the person responsible for the system within the facility and bringing them up to the professional level in dealing with the system as a whole.

Maintenance Services

GAF International offers maintenance contracts for all security systems provided by the company (surveillance camera systems - door control systems - metal detection systems and others) and the terms of the contract are determined according to the principles of workmanship and system needs within the facility.
It also provides maintenance services on devices after the warranty period, and they are maintained with the best capabilities and at an appropriate cost.